10 December, 2006

I Think I Need A Visit From Three Spirits

OK, like I am REALLY trying, but I just cannot get in the Christmas spirit at all this year. I've decorated the house, I've decorated my MYSPACE and I've listened to Christmas music until I am ready to puke. I've watched several Christmas movies.... but it just is not there.
I'm really not in a Scrooge type mode; I just don't care. All I really want right now is to get the whole thing over with so we can begin the new year.

I'm sure a lot of it has to do with stress. Maybe some of it is the hope that once the Christmas shopping is finished, some of the church folks will come back on a regular basis and give their tithe and offering. For the life of me I cannot understand how people can be so un-committed to the church, especially this time of year. I mean, you'd think certainly at Christmas-time people would think about Jesus! But that just is not the case. Well, maybe for some it is, because we have had many visitors and new faces recently, but our "regulars" think nothing of missing service after service. It's as if they think, "No big deal, the church will be there when I am ready to come back." Meanwhile, the church suffers, and pastor stresses, because whether there is a full house or there are 20, the bills of the church continue just the same.
Yep, now that I am typing it out... this is the biggest thing bothering me. No doubt about it.
It's like no one else seems to notice the bills piling up, nor do they care that when they go unpaid it will be my family that is forced to pay them.
Tell me, how do you get in the Christmas spirit knowing that?


David W Reish said...

You've been hanging around that BV guy too long and he's rubbing off on you!

Sean McKee said...

When I start feeling that way I try to think of what advise I would give to someone else if they were having the same problem and follow that.