15 December, 2006

Gingerbread Nazi's for Hanukkah

You know, I am all for free speech and all, but sometimes people just push the limits. Take for example Keith McGuckin who set up the above pictured display in a storefront window Thursday night, which happens to be the night before the Jewish observance of Hanukkah begins. His "art" is entitled "The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men."
McGuckin originally set the display up in the window of a hardware store in Oberlin, Ohio; but after the store owner received numerous complaints, he made McGuckin remove it from his store. Not content with the knowledge that he had offended enough people yet, Mr. McGuckin took his display to a nearby town, Wellington, Ohio, and set the display up in the window of an empty store. He says that his intention is not to offend or provoke anyone, but to provoke thought. Hello? Earth to Keith McGuckin... you offended the people of your home-town deeply enough that they wanted it out of their town! Get a clue man. If you take it to the next town over, do you really think the people are going to fall in love with you and your "art work?" I don't think so! How about getting a Lotte tact my good fellow?

I don't want to promote violence or vandalism, but I hope the next story that I read about this gingerbread travesty is that someone threw a brick through the window and destroyed it!


Riona said...
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me said...

Darrell, why is it you find it offensive?

Not a sarky questions, just a question.

Sean McKee said...

Have a merry Nazi Christmas...

People will do anything for a little attention.

Darrell said...

Hey Ri... first off, long time no see!
As to why I find it offensive. Well, I would not like it at anytime, but especially to put this on display at the time of the Jewish people observe Hannukah, is just vicious, and done for no reason other to taunt them. Look at the man's other "works" he has done, and they have been just as controversial, so he is obviously trying to get a rise out of someone.

Even though I am not a Jew myself, I am appalled that someone would be so cold-hearted and cruel as to put a display representing the man and people who killed millions of Jews while trying to exterminate the people from the face of the earth out of all to see, and timed to coincide with their Holy days. I promise you that is someone did such at thing taunting the Muslim people at Ramadan, someone would be killed for such an action. Yet, it is tolerated against the Jewish or Christian people.

me said...

I hadn't thought of it that way.

I just wasn't sure that he was putting it forward as a positive thing, and I wondered why it wasn't met with a discussion rather than a reaction... You know - is it that being reminded of the Holocaust is painful enough in itself? Or can we only be reminded in nicer ways? Or is it that he seems to have intended to cause offence? Which part is the part that caused people to react so angrily?

Coming from a crazy arty background I guess I have mixed feelings about being provocative. Did you ever come across Piss Christ? I know it hurt or angered a lot of people but that fascinated me, I actually thought it was beautiful.

I also remember coming across the Holocaust memorial in Boston. It is something I have never forgotten, and it just came back as powerfully as ever just now.

me said...

And yes, long time no see :) It's good to talk again.