30 December, 2006

As We Close Out 2006

We've been gone to Florida for Christmas vacation (we had a great time) for the past week, and I really kind of lost all track of time. I hardly wore my watch, did not answer my cell phone all week, (except for two calls from very close friends) and did not watch any news all week. I came home today to find that James Brown died this week. That dude had to be as old as dirt! He's been around a long time. Of course, I heard that former President Gerald Ford died this week as well, and then I heard on the radio last night driving home that they executed Sadaam. If anything else happened this week, I am not aware of it. That feels kind of nice for a change!

Anyway... driving home from the church a few minutes ago, I was thinking about the New Year coming. It seem's cliche' but I just have this burning inside of me that something great is getting ready break loose in Harvest Church this year. We've gone done a very different and at times difficult path over the past 19 months, but I believe we started making a turn about the end of October and into the final two months of 2006. I had a very difficult time getting into the "Christmas spirit" this year, because I just wanted to get this year over and dive into 2007. I am so excited to see what God is going to do in our midst this year. 12 months will tell the story, but I believe that a year from now when I look back at 2007, it will be a time of just sitting in amazment of what the Lord has done.
I'm ready Lord... bring it on!

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Amy said...

Amen!! I am EXPECTING God to move, pour and release his awesome mighty power and blessings on us as a church and individualy!!i am beliveing it and calling it forth!! Amen!