27 October, 2006

Cardinals Win The World Series!

Tonight my Cardinals did what practically nobody in the sporting world thought could be done by winning the World Series. A week ago baseball writers made fun of them and mocked them saying that the Detroit Tigers only setback would come if they did not guard themselves from laughing too hard. I told my wife then that I hoped they kept saying stuff like that because they were just fueling the Cardinals on.
Who's laughing now?
I want to say that the Tigers really are a great baseball team and I look for them to be back fighting in the playoffs next year, and they will be much improved because of the experience that they gained this
year. Sadly, I am not so certain of the Cardinals chances for next year. We have a lot of key players who are free agents now that the year is over, so we may have seen the last of this team as it is now comprised. It will be tough to sign them all, and some will probably be allowed to walk because of the money that they will demand. Most notably, Jim Edmonds probably played his final game as a Redbird tonight, unless he takes far less money than he could get. Jeff Suppan is also another that we could lose, especially after the way he pitched in the post season. A lot of teams will be after him. Marquis will be gone for sure, as will several of the bench players.
For you Cub fans, with the changes coming
to the Cardinals and it appears that the Astros will also go through some major changes, NEXT YEAR could very well be your year in the Central Division.
But for now I got say...
How about them Cardinals!!!


David Reish said...

Watched every game and I have never seen so many errors on one team, even though the Cards had a few error themselves, the Tiggers couldn't have beaten a High School team playing the way they did... I mean five errors on the pitching staff alone, not a way to win a series. I'm glad the Cards won it on their home field, but it would have been great to see them win at the Tigger's park!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, Dawg, not bad for the 2 most dangerous cities in America.

The Cards played very well. Hats off, they deserve the pennant. But, watch out, the Tigers (notice, I didn't say Tiggers, David!)will be back and ready to win it all next season.

Maybe you can adopt the Tigers as you favorite AL team? Sounds like a plan!

The 6 Karns' said...

Me and my popa knew that thay were Going to win . It was a big shock to my dad