29 August, 2006

I Highly Encourage Others...

I very seldom ask people to go read something on another persons blog, because I would never want someone to be offended because I did not recommend their blog.
But Henry Haney has an exceptionally good and thought provoking entry on his blog this week that I highly recommend for every Christian reading this to take time to go to Henry's blog and read his post, "Nothing shall offend them..."

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ruthrap said...

you're right, pastor, it was thought provoking. it made me think of how sometimes i can be too critical of others. then again i am offended when criticized. i think we can all just ask God to help us not to be so judgmental of others and learn also to not be offended when others see our faults.........kinda reminds me about that saying about the boulder in your eye!..i can't remember how it goes, but you know what i mean!