01 July, 2006

Closed for a Season

Our family is spending Independence Day in the Saint Louis area with my brothers and sisters and then we are taking off very early on July 5th in order to catch the Cardinals and the Braves playing in Atlanta that evening. The next morning we are heading to Orlando for a week of R&R (before I blow a gasket)

I am not taking a computer and don't plan to touch one for the next 14 days or so.


ruthrap said...

bonvoyage! you know what i mean! Have a goodtime!

Sean McKee said...

What was your cell phone number again? :^D

Just kidding... Have a great time!

Take pictures!

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

So you really are "disconnecting" for a season!

Good for you!

David Reish said...

Hey DO, when you get back, I need to schedule a meeting with you in regards to the 300 issues that came up while you were off and away from the church and district... I hope you can schedule at least 2 whole days for everything that has happened!

Just kidding!