26 June, 2006

Teenagers: What Are They Thinking?

As I type this, my son and my wife are going through his stuff that he has packed to go to youth camp this week. He actually is working on the staff this week. He was a camper last week. Daniel will be 16 next week, and obviously the issues of girls has come alive in his life with a bang. Last week he had two suit cases, while everyone else who went to camp took one and their sleeping bag and pillow. This morning, Daniel had 2 suit cases that were just stuffed, as well as a garment bag for hanging up clothes. For those of you who do not know it, camp begins today (Monday afternoon) and ends Friday morning, so there is not a whole lot needed here when it comes to clothing. Basically, he needs two outfits per day, swimming trunks and something to sleep in. But Daniel has like 6 T-shirts, and another 7 or 8 shirts for the church services. There are only 3 services! I asked him about it and he said, "I like to have choices of what to wear dad." I said, "Uh, son... make your choice NOW!"
"But I like to have options depending on my mood," he says.

Lord... this is my son. What am I going to do when Ashley gets another year or so older. (She turns 13 on Wednesday.) Libby is having some success at eliminating some of the stuff from his suit cases, but not without much protest. He has an appointment with the dentist in 12 minutes and I cannot even get the kid to quit primping his hair.

Oh the joys of raising teens!


moonpunter said...

PHM is HERE!!!

ruthrap said...

i sympathize, amber became a teenager last year and has another birthday next month.....i wish i could tell you it gets better! hang in there Pastor! by the way, tell ashley happy birthday for me!! you will be officially the dad of a teenage girl!!!my blessings!

Barbara said...

Feel lucky to only have two! My daughter has 4 children, ranging from the son, 17 1/2, daughter 16 1/2, and two younger sons, ages 12 1/2 and 10 1/2. The older son is the only one that can pick out something and put it on. The daughter has to have 'choices'. The 12 yr old just needs play clothes or ONE pair of jeans and his pink pull over or his AL shirt! The youngest always packs enough clothes for them both!

My kids never had the choice. They wore what I bought, and they wore what I packed, when we went anywhere. I guess I was a 'difficult' Mother. :)

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Pastor...if it is any consolation...it is "only a memory" for me now.

"This too shall pass" !

Sylvia said...

I am not sure how many clothes Katie took.She pack her own bags.She only had one suitcase and one small bag.She also well be 13 in Oct.I have 5 teenagers almost 6.Good luck no two are the same.There is always something new.

David Reish said...

I get the feeling that in some way, this is merely history repeating itself? Could it be that the old saying, "Like father, like son," is presenting itself to be true?

I have many years until any of my three reach the teen years, and to think, I'll have twin girls hitting the teen scene at the same time... pray from me in advance!

Sean McKee said...

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