05 May, 2006

What Is It With This Fusion Stuff?

Fusion... or Illusion?

All this "Fusion stuff has really got me wondering.
Have we, the public just become this gullible?
Quite obviously the answer is yes, because the current market trend is that if you add the term "Fusion" to your product or service, you have a hit!

My goodness, we have fussion soft drinks, fusion jeans, fusion jackets, fusion coffee, fusion cars, fusion education, fusion music... we even have fusion church.

I'm the type guy that this stuff just does not work on. I don't go for the latest fads or trends too easily, and this fusion one has made me determined not to go there. It's not that I don't like change or new things, but I hate when people try to manipulate me.
I refuse to let let advertisers do it to me, and honestly, I am more apt to
NOT buy something if the advertising comes on too strong.
And trust me... this fusion thing has come on too strong!


Sean McKee said...

Let's cut to the chase. So when are you changing the church name to:

The Fusion Church of God


Darrell said...

Nah, I like Harvest Fusion better.
Actually, I don't know if you have seen it, but there are a bunch of churches out there that have changed there name to "Fusion Church" or something like that. I wonder what they do a year from now when the fusion fad is yesterdays news?