23 May, 2006

I'm Still Here

I have received many email messages and phone calls from people wanting to know if I was ok because I have not added anything new to this site in over a week. Truth is, I still am not feeling well. I did get some better last week but then it crept back up on me and I have really been ill again the past few days. I never did get completely well, but now my throat is really swollen and sore and I just feel bad. I have a call into the doctor and hopefully can get in soon. I somehow think that if I don't get some antibiotics in me that I just am not going to beat this one for awhile.

I have to admit that it is kind of a nice feeling that people are waiting to hear something else from my mind. Be patient with me folks, and as soon as I can, I will get back in the swing of things.


ruthrap said...

Hang in there Pastor, sometimes it's best to just get on the antibiotic when you've fought it on your own for so long and don't get better. Sounds like you have suffered long enough! Hope you get relief soon!

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Praying for you Pastor...hope you are better soon. Antibiotics are a necessary thing sometimes! Make sure you drink lots of water, okay?