22 April, 2006

The Whisper of God

I've had one of those weeks where I just did not have something to preach on Sunday. Well, if I just wanted to preach a sermon, I have hundreds of those. But I did not have a word from the Lord for this week. Those that are pastors, you will understand this, but for those who are not, let me explain, that if Saturday rolls around and you don't have your sermon completed... let alone not even started yet, panic can set in! I've wrestled with thoughts trying to come up with something. I've searched sermons of mine, trying to find "something that fits." Nothing. Nada. Zip.
Extreme panic now begins to roll in. Notice the lack of asking God for a message in this. You would think by now, after all the years I have done this, I'd have this thing figured out... but I still at times get out of sinc and try to do this on my own, and shove God right out of the picture.

So, I take a short break from my "sermon" struggle... er, I mean prep... and I put in a CD while I begin to surf the net to take my mind off of this for a bit. I just bought this Big Daddy Weave CD yesterday, because I love this song, "Without You". Confession time... I loved the music, and hardly knew the words. But as I am sitting here, the Holy Spirit begins to amplify these words into my spirit.

Would we hear the sound
Of breathing in the dark
Where would be life's spark
Without You

Would the birds ever sing
Would the wind move through the trees
Could I touch the grass so green
Under this big sky so blue
Without You

And the sun doesn't shine
And my world stops spinnin' round
Without You
Tell me where else could I ever find
The peace that floods this heart of mine
Without You.

Hello? God calling! I feel the presence of God begin to just flood the room I am in and suddenly the next song begins with these words...

On this hallowed ground, In this holy moment
Lord I am amazed standing in Your presence
Let my heart be still
And everything surrounding
Listen to the voice that was all creations founding
And speak

Words of life speak
Words of life
Words of life to me.

Suddenly, I was swept away into His presence, and the Lord began to speak to me, and showed me a vision.
(I will share this Sunday night at church)
In a matter of a few minutes... sitting in the presence of God, with my mouth shut and in silence, my mind stayed before Him, the Lord gave me both messages for Sunday.

I felt I needed to share this today, because there are so many of us who try to force the things of God, and make it happen our way, on our time table, to meet our needs.
When we need to learn to do as the Psalmist declared in Psalm 131:2 "I have stilled and quieted my soul." We need to not concern ourselves with quite so much, and to put our trust in the Lord.

Let me encourage someone today, Still yourself. Quiet yourself. Hear the whisper of God.


Neil said...

Thanks Pastor!

I've found myself in that place more times that I want to admit...it's quite frustrating and I've done the same thing, looked for something to warm up or to others for their word. This morning as I was showering the Lord dropped something into my spirit for tomorrow...aren't you glad that He knows how to get into our stuff so we can get into His?

Tell us more about tomorrow...tomorrow!

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

I love it when God does that! Thank you pastors, for allowing the Holy Spirit to bring the word to you. About an hour before I was to speak at a conference recently, the Holy Spirit told me to leave my notes at the motel. I had spent hours studying, referencing, drawing up transperencies (what's power point?!) anyway, I began to bargain with the Holy Spirit..."How about I take them...but, I won't use them?" Well, I won't go into the whole story...however, when I stood up at that podium..BAM!...I opened my mouth and the "Holy Spirit had His way"...God bless you Pastors...we love you and are praying for you ... I thank God for you. Pastor Garrett? I really want to be a member of your tape club! Thanx!

michigan preacher said...

I, too, have been in that place of not having anything before it's time to preach. Thanks for the encouragment to get in God's presence and just shut my spirit up. God bless, Darrell my friend!