24 March, 2006

I'm Shot!

I just returned from taking Pastor Neil Smith to the airport and having lunch with a friend in the ministry, and I am here to tell you, I have nothing left. My tank is empty, my body has gone on strike and it is all I can do to keep my eyes open at this moment. It amazes me how the human body and spirit can push through and keep going when it has to and then just collapse when the opportunity comes. Through this revival I have been going on Holy Ghost power, and now that we have come to the conclusion, my body has shut down on me and said, "Woah Dude! Time to rest!"
My mind and my spirit on the other hand are raring to go. I can't hardly shut down my mind enough to get the rest that I need. I have a message literally burning in me for Sunday and I can't wait to step behind that pulpit. Maybe, some of you can relate. There are times that there is such a burning inside that you can't harldly hold it in. I think this is what Jeremiah was referring to when he spoke of a fire shut up in his bones. But the truth is, I am flat out exhausted... and I need to shut it down for a bit and rest.

Those who will, please pray that the rest will come, because you know how I am, that I will push until I make myself sick. This is a pattern I have got to break. I need to learn to rest. This is why God made the sabbath.

I will report on our revival a little later, but for now, I have got to go get some rest.


The 6 Karns' said...

Totally can relate! You do need to rest!!! Just let us know if you need anything! We want you well - cuz we can't wait to hear your message Sunday!

I also feel the "fire shut up in my bones". I was just talking to my friend, Kim, about it this morning. She's feeling like it also, but doesn't have the support she needs... Please pray for her if you think about it.

Amy said...

Pasor ,praying here for you to get some sleep!!! im anticipating to here the message Sunday!!!GBU

Neil said...

It's 9:59 PM and I've just gotten home from Illinois. My flight from Moline left a little late, my flight from Atlanta was from the bowels of the abyss. My wife picked me up, we went out for seafood and are now home...good place to be!

I enjoyed being there, thanks!

Darrell said...

Good Lord man, what happened with your flights to take that long? Sorry your flights were such a mess. Next time we will get them scheduled better.