01 March, 2006

Goodbye Old Friend

A legend died this past week. On February 24, Don Knotts passed away at the age of 81.
The news of this man's death truly saddened me. He was one of my favorite actors all of my life. I grew up watching the Andy Griffith show. I was so intrigued with the show that when I started going to pre-school, I told everyone my name was Andy. Truthfully, I wanted them to call me Barney, but since my father's name was Barney, I figured that I had to be Andy.

I always loved the characters that Don Knotts played. One of my favorite lines of his, which I frequently use is "Atta boy, Luther!" from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." When I was 8 years old, my nephew and I got to go see "The Reluctant Astronaut" at the movie theater. We sat through the movie twice and were starting our third run through the movie when my older sister came into the theater to drag us out. (I thought she was going to kill us)
I loved just about everything I ever saw Don Knotts in, but he will forever be Barney Fife in my heart. They just don't make them like that anymore. Comedians today think t
hey have to fill their shows with filth to make an impact, but I can recall the words of Don Knotts 40 years after they were spoken.

I found this link that might be Don Knotts final words to this world.

Good bye old friend. You gave me much laughter and joy over the years and through the wonder of re-runs, you still will. I'm glad that my kids can see these same shows and enjoy them as I did.


michigan preacher said...

That is sad. I've always loved Don Knott's stuff. He really was a class act. He'll be missed.

Neil said...

I loved barney, I also liked when Don played the Incredible Mr. Limpett! First class all the way! Can't you just hear him telling Andy how to handle situations: "Ang, you have to nip it in the bud, nip it, nip it nip it!"