08 February, 2006

Veggie Connections

For those of you who know me, you know that for a long time now I have been working on getting a set built for Kid's Church. While it is still not completely finished, it is far enough along that we started Kid's Church this past Sunday.
The picture above is (for those who do not know Veggietales) of Larry and Bob. Larry is almost 6 foot tall, just to give you some perspective. We had these characters sitting in the entrace way of the church when the kids came in. We have many other characters that will be brought out for the kids in the next few weeks. If you'd like to pictures of the set and some of the kids at church, click on this link Veggie Connections.


ruby said...

Hi Darrell, i am Ruby, Amy Matthews aunt~nods and smiles~ i wanted to let you know that i have been reading your blogs,so i decided i better leave ya a message. didnt want to be a lurker~lol~ i am a christian, who has backslid, now getting back where i am suppose to be. i am from Galesburg but live in Carthage IL. well thank you for letting people in and reading your words of inspiration. i will be praying right along side of you and the church from Carthage. have a great day.
p.s. only second message i have left on someones blog ~lol~

Darrell said...

Welcome Ruby... and more importantly, Welcome back into the family of God!
So glad you left a message. I will be praying for you.