20 February, 2006

Progress Report

Back on January 2nd I wrote an article about how much weight I had gained and the quest to take off 31 pounds. In that post I asked my friends and family to hold me accountable...


Not one person has had the guts to say "Hey fatso... how ya doing?"

Come on folks; it will be easier to get this done if I know you are going to dog me about it!

So, How am I doing?
Actually, fairly well, all things considered. During this time I was sick for over 3 weeks and not able to get my exercise program started again, and to be truthful, I did very little during all the time I was working on the sets for Kids Church. I ate a lot of fast food there for a couple of weeks, and by the end of January, I had lost no weight.
However, February is going much better. I have started to exercise again. That has just about killed me to get started after laying off since October. I'm not doing it every day yet, but up to 3 days a week and hitting my weight machine for light workouts as well.
On January 2, I weighed in at 216 pounds. As of this morning, I now weigh 207.
Nine pounds sounds good, but the reality is, that is still not to where I was back in October. But it is a start, and that's what counts.


Henry Haney said...

Hey Bro,
I know you are NOT going to believe this, but while I was on my treadmill this morning I actually THOUGHT about e-mailing you TODAY and asking you how the program was going- LOL

Oh well- I don't expect you to believe me....it does sound a little far-fetched..but it's true :)

By the way- I commend you for losing the nine- that's a great start!
-your pal henry

Sean McKee said...

Humm, my ab machine is sitting on my tread mill which in turn has two big rolls of insulation that are suppose to be going in the ceiling of my office...


Darrell said...

lol... but Sean, when you get to be my age and you are at my weight... things get a little more serious!

The 6 Karns' said...

Hey, Fatso- good job!!!

(please don't call me that - I'm so sensitive)...

Sarah said...

[QUOTE]Hey, Fatso- good job!!![/QUOTE]


Wait a minute...that was harsh!

[Note to self: Do not tell Amber she can call you a Fatso...she'll actually do it!]

michigan preacher said...

Hey, Darrell, I'm on the quest, too. I haven't really started exercising, but I cut way down on the Pepsi. That adds weight fast. I try to drink mostly unsweetened iced tea, with a shot of lemon juice. I have lost a little, and gained a little. One of the teenagers in my SS class commented some weeks ago that it looks like I've lost some weight. I'm having difficulty with just dropping the pop, as a few years back I did it and lost some 20 lbs.! I guess I'd better start moving my fat butt a little more.

Sean McKee said...


Yah, I know it is serious. I could stand to loose about 30. I would like to start now before all the health issues start showing up.

I was listening to someone talk about a study that was done on people that smoke & drink but do exercise vs. people that do not smoke or drink and do not exercise. The study showed that the smoke'n/drink'n/exercising group were much healthier than the non-exercising ‘clean living’ group.

Not that I am saying smoke'n & drink'n are good or make you healthier but that all us 'holy' non-smoke'n, non-drink'n people that do not exercise are not taking care of ourselves (the temple of the Holy Spirit) as well as someone who might smoke & drink but do exercise.

'Clean living' is healthy and good for the body (and a good witness) but without some exercise it isn't enough and it defiantly isn't and excuse to not exercising.

Think of the witness of being very overweight. It is hard to tell someone they need to stop the smoke’n/drink’n/drug’n/porn’n when they look at me and think to themselves ‘he can not even stop eating when he should, how dare he tell me to “just say no”’.

I always seem to start preaching at myself...

Add my to the accountable list... Someone ask me in a week if I have started exercising again.

Libby said...

Sean, you could join our classes on Thursday. They kicked my... abs last week. My stomach was sore for 3 days. Of course I get overboard when it comes to worship music. I just can't seem to help myself! You know... "back and forth and side to side":)

The 6 Karns' said...

Libby - you get "overboard"???? Come on now! I can't see it!

I did our "Thursday night workout" for 20 min. on Sat. I was SO stiff Sunday morn! Isn't that horrible?

I've done great with the eating - it's the excercising that I'm now needing to get up to speed with. I'm obviously not losing (pounds) just eating healthier...hmmmm....

Good Observation, Sean. I've always said overeating (indulging) was just as big an addiction as smoking/drugs/etc. They are all part of not being FREE, but being in bondage to something else!