16 February, 2006

I Have a Favor to Ask

I don't know how many have noticed, but at the top of this page there are advertisements there. These are ads that I have approved to be on my page and when people click on them to check out their information, products or services, I will receive a small (very small) amount for each ad that is clicked on and checked out. Obviously these people pay me with the hopes that you (the consumer) will use their product or service. I do hope you will check out the ads, if they are of interest to you.

But here is the favor I have to ask...
I was contacted today by BidVertiser, the company who hosts these advertisements and told that somebody had been clicking on ads repeatedly earlier this week. They indicated that it was obvious that this person was just trying to boost my "clicks" which would in turn boost the amount I am paid. I have no idea who this is, but they told me that the person hit the ads over 50 times in one day.They did not give me the ISP address, only warned me that it was happening, and if this continues, my account would be dropped. Personally, I don't see that as fair, because I have no control over who does what, and I told them that it could very well be some kid goofing off or something... but here is the bottom line and my favor to ask:

If there is an ad or ads that interest you... please check them out. I have and have actually purchased a book from one and ordered some information from another. There are some good things there. But PLEASE (and I realize I am talking to one person) do not click on the ads just for the sake of driving up my count. This already happened to me once before when I used the Google Adsense account, and because of it, the took away all of my earnings.

I hope that this does not discourage anyone from clicking the ads, because as I said, as you browse, you help me out!

One last thing. If you ever see an advertisement that is questionable or improper, please let me know. I try to screen them regularly, but sometimes I do miss one or two.

Thanks everyone!


Sarah said...

This does stink and you are right it can cause problems. A common complaint is you cannot control the actions of others.

How are you able to defend yourself if they do not provide information. I have heard cases before that the webmaster had to basically demand the ip adresses in question.

Though you have no competitors, a lot of the time it was competitors clicking it up to knock 'em at the knees.

I typically do not click on ads because I have become immune to them. I look at them all day long. (That's my job!) However, there are lots out there that do not realize that they are ads. They just see them as a link.

Good Luck!

Sarah said...

Another thought just hit me. It could also be computer virus problems. I know I have something funky on my home computer that when I click the mouse one time it registers three or four clicks sometimes. It is very annoying when browsing.

It is possible that something like that is happening.