24 February, 2006

Did I REALLY Do That?

Have you ever done something that you really thought was a great idea, and then the next day wake up only to think, "What was I thinking?"

I am having one of those questioning moments right now.
I have a son who will be 16 in just over 4 months and I have been looking for a car for him. In my zeal for finding a car for him, the 16 year old came out of me last night, and I bought him the above car on Ebay... a 1994 Eagle Talon. I was all excited, and then as I drove the kids to school today, I see all these teenagers driving like maniacs and I think "Oh my God, what have I done?" I should have bought the boy a Sherman tank, or at least something that weighs that much and goes no faster than one! I came home and looked up this car on various sites and some of the comments were really assuring to my heart: "The Eagle Talon is the poor man's Ferrari." "Fun, sporty with plenty of zip." "The ultimate Honda eater." "More fun to drive than my Trans Am."
I'm thinking... "There goes the boy's licence before he even gets it!"
Maybe Libby needs to drive this and I will put Daniel behind the wheel of one of the vans.

Seriously, I really don't think I have too much to worry about with Daniel. He is Mr. Play-It-Safe about just about everything.
But God help us when Ashley turns 16!!!
I will be looking for an armored vehicle for sure then.


Libby said...

I don't think the "let Libby drive it" is such a bad idea!

Henry Haney said...

Hey, I think you're a pretty cool dad for getting some nice wheels for your son. Don't beat yourself up over it :)

If you continue to feel conviction over this, you can just give it to me- my pickup truck has seen it's better days.

michigan preacher said...

My dad made me buy my own first car. $500. '70 Ford Maverick, remember those? I called it my "poor man's Mustang". It had a straight 6, which then had most of the power of the V8, but a little less on gas. When I got it, it was nothing but primer, took it to Macco and had it painted a metallic blue.

Pretty cool car for you boy, there. Nice job, bro!

Sarah said...

My first thought was:

What about Libby? - Poor thing. Weren't you the one that she should get rid of her car? (Smiles and pokes Pastor in the ribs with elbow) -

I will guarantee you that Court will not have a nicer car than me! =)

I feel for you Libby.

Sean McKee said...

Looks like you need to 'trick it out' a little.

Loud stereo
New rims
Wider tires
Some neon lights underneath

The essentials

Anonymous said...

LOL Man I wish my parents were that nice to me. That is a great car.

my first car I bought myself it was a Cavalier z24.. I loved it. Now.. I have an '95 Olds 98 regency and a 2000 Mercury Sable. Both 4 doors. My brother says " only old people drive 4 door vehicles... and "

When did I become 'old' ROFL

The 6 Karns' said...

My first car was a 2-tone green omni (my parents bought)...I thought I was something special with my tape deck & plug-in-the- lighter-clip-on-fan (my airconditioning).

What happened to the white car? I think Daniel would look great behind that wheel with his dark hair - and all the dark tree sap spatter on the white paint job??? hee hee

Sean McKee said...

Mine was a $800 cream, 4 door, Chevy Malibo.

Sarah said...

Mine was a brown 5-speed Ford Escort that I shared with my dad.

Libby said...

I am still waiting for "my first car" :)