11 January, 2006

A Special Request

I have a special request today. Actually a favor to ask would be more appropriate. This blog allows me to see how many people check in each day and the area they are from. Truthfully, I am shocked to see that there are people from all over the USA and many other countries who pop in on a regular basis. But I often wonder "who are these people? ...And how did they find out about the Dawghowse?"
So my favor is this: I am asking, if you are willing to take a few seconds to humor me, would you mind clicking on my guest book and leaving a brief note telling me who you are, where you are from and how you found this site? If you don't want to give your full name, a first name is fine. No real reason for this... just my curiousity.

Oh, in case you don't know; my guest book is located on the right side of this page just below my profile box.



Sarah said...

This is the internet, nobody wants to tell you who they are! Pretty soon you'll be asking for ss#'s, time we wake up in the morning, and favorite color. ;-)

By the way, 6:00ish and blue.

Pastor Robbie Hullette said...

Found you from Pastor Travis' site. 7:30 and blue.

Anonymous said...

I signed your guestbook :) but I gotcha from Neil's site...

Darrell said...

Okay... I guess folks are not into the guest book thing. I had 68 visitors to the Dawghowse yesterday and 2 signed the book.
Hey, at least I found out my sister is reading! I had no idea.
If you are reading this Jo, I love you!

Sarah said...

I live in the Central Texas area. I have a very boring job and I surf the web in my free time; more specifically, I surf the blogs. So I have taken to pulling up my own blog, and then clicking the "next blog" button and so forth. Once in a while I come across some pretty disgusting blogs, but I have actually made a few friends this way.
Happy blogging to you!