21 January, 2006

Give Me A Break!!! (Not a break-in)

Okay, I have had enough!
Saturday morning I went out to the church and found that the church had been broken into....


For those who are not aware of this fact, this is like the 5th time the church has been broken into.
Here's the really frustrating part. The person (or persons) who broke in only got away with some checks that they cannot cash and somewhere between $15 and $35 in cash. But in order to get into the building, they tossed a brick through a double pane window, which will surely cost us $150 or more to replace, plus they ransacked the office which Anna will have to spend hours putting her files back together again.
The last time we were broken into it was the same kind of thing. They took very little as far as value goes, but they broke two doors completely off the hinges getting in and then kicked the door to my office in, shattering it into pieces.
It ended up costing us a few hundred dollars just to repair the damages to the building.

Note to all would be thieves:
If you are thinking about breaking into our church, please just come see me and I will give you $50 (which is more than you will find in the building) to go away!

Seriously, I am appalled that people would stoop so low in their life as to break into the House of God. I am not nieve, I guess I was just raised in a different generation. Before I met Christ, believe me, I was scum of the earth material. I'd steal from my own family and not feel the least bit bad about it. I'd have no trouble ripping off someone's new car to strip the wheels and stereo and then burn the car.
But I would have never given a thought to ripping off a church, and I probably would have shot anyone who did. In fact, I did literally beat the snot out of a guy who had been my friend because I found out broke into and burned a church when I was about 19. Then I dropped a dime to the cops tipping them off on who had done it.
I mean, even among thieves, there was a code of conduct.

I am forced now to realize that in this day and age, there is no fear of God in society, and I must approach this far differently. So, I will be meeting with the elders of my church and our church people to discuss what we must do to raise the funds to put a security system on our church.
Isn't it sad that you have to go out and spend nearly $1000 to put a security system on your building to keep someone from stealing $35?
What a mixed up world we live in.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that people would do these things these days, and it's not uncommon. I can think of two cases off the top of my head... one church I know a instrument or two went missing... at another church there was racism stuff marked all over the property.

Praying for you guys and your church.

Sean McKee said...

Maybe you should have this preacher come over and hold a revival meeting!

Preacher Rick

Sorry in advanced to anyone offended, just trying to addd some humor...

Darrell said...

No offense here Sean. He just may do the trick.

Sean McKee said...

Seriously, maybe you can use this as someway to reach out to the non-church going people in the community.

Sean McKee said...
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Sean McKee said...

I better clearify, I mean use this break in as a way to reach out, not Preacher Rick!

Henry Haney said...

I'm just now reading about this- sorry about this Pastor G! I will be praying that you will recover all the enemy has stolen and restore a hundred-fold (do I sound like a prosperity preacher or what?-LOL )

Sorry to make jokes- do feel awful about it Bro! God bless