05 January, 2006

Dangerous Dogs On The Loose!

Cop Attacked By Angry Dogs...
Itty-Bitty Angry Dogs

Looks to me like the little brown one in the middle is the leader of this gang.
Notice his cold, piercing stare?

FREMONT, Calif. -- A California police officer is OK after being attacked by a pack of angry dogs.
He suffered only minor injuries, including bites to his ankle.
Oh -- did we mention that the dogs were chihuahuas?
The officer in Fremont was escorting a teenager to his home after a traffic stop. The dogs ran out of the boy's home, and attacked the officer in the doorway.
The officer was treated at a hospital, and he was back at work less than two hours later.
The chihuahua attack was the second bizzare incident for Fremont police in as many hours.
Two hours earlier, a woman in California called police to report that an intruder broke into her home and added pornography to her computer.
The woman in Fremont said she woke up and was startled to see a stranger typing away on her computer. Police said the intruder fled, but left behind an altered screen saver that featured erotic images.Nothing was reported stolen. Neither the woman nor her 9-year-old daughter was hurt.

(Thank You Cindy Howerter for this story)


Libby said...

I dunno... They all look pretty fierce to me.

Amy said...

ROTFLOL!!!!!!!....I think the 4th one has a look like "whatta ya lookin at punk""!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Chihuahuas can be fiesty... I had two of them in Canada... I had to leave them with my parents when we moved to the states... But they are an aggressive dog.