08 November, 2005

The Leaf God's Must Not Like Me

I spent almost the entire day Saturday raking leaves with my kids. When we quit because it was too dark, we had already bagged 13 bags of leaves and we had a virtual mountain of leaves in the back yard that was probably 15 feet or more in diameter and stood over 6 foot tall. And we still had not finished the back yard and had not even touched the front yard or side of the house. It rained Saturday night and when I awoke in the morning I looked out the window and the yard was just full of leaves again... and my trees are still FULL of leaves! Now here it is Tuesday, and you cannot even tell I ever began raking leaves. Somewhere, I have got to find time to start again... but where I will find that time is beyond me. My neighbor is Mr. Yardman. He rakes his leaves a couple times a day and he cannot understand why I do not do the same. This morning he asked me when I was going to get my yard done, because he was afraid some of mine would blow over into his yard. Blow over? Crud... I just may go out there under the cover of darkness and throw them over there! OK Darrell, remember you are a Christian now. WWJD?
Actually, I kind of doubt Jesus would waste his time raking leaves... so maybe I'll just jump on the mower and chop 'em to smitherenes and let them decay like God intended for them to do! There we go!

Actually, despite all the hard work and frustration... Saturday was a great time with my kids; and those times are priceless. If you look at the picture above very carefully, you will find the face of my 12 year old daughter, (Ashley) peering out of those leaves. All day she kept wanting to jump in that pile we were making and I kept telling her no. But then at the end, I grabbed her up and threw her on the top of the pile. She sank in it like it was quicksand, and my wife ran out with the camera and we snapped this great picture.

Even as I type this, Bill (my neighbor) is raking his leaves again, and I know he is just ready to kill me, because the poor man only has one tree in his yard, so I reckon all his leaves would be coming from my trees. (snickering as I say that)


Libby said...

It was a fun day even though I was bound to the indoors most of the day because I have been sick. I would look out the windows periodically and watch my family. I enjoyed watching the interactions. It was almost like peering into a snow globe.

As far as the neighbor, many of the leaves in OUR yard were from the tree in HIS yard and those in our other neighbor's yard.

michigan preacher said...

My kids love this time of year. They always want me to rake up the leaves so they can jump in them. What's important is spending time with the kids, though. great picture, Darrell. God bless.