16 November, 2005

Complaints a Pastor Receives

You often hear us pastors telling about the many and varied complaints that a pastor receives... well here is one for you to listen to. Travis Johnson has a link to this on one of his blogs and I wanted to share a link to it for you. This is a real voice mail message left for a pastor. Take the time to listen to this, and then click on the second link on it where they have made a dance re-mix of this phone message. It is just too funny!

(Thanks Travis, for sharing this!)


Travis Johnson said...


Thanks for the link. I just replayed this for my youth pastor. In the thirty times I've listened, it only gets better.

Amy said...

ROTFLH!!!!!!!! THATS SOO FUNNY i literaly spit my drink whene i heard this !!!


michigan preacher said...

This is the funniest thing I've heard in a while! If shaking your butt is out of order while singing, when is it in order? Thanks for the laugh.