12 October, 2005

Now This Says "I Love You"

Call me old fashioned or crazy, but this is just a bit too weird for me.

This picture released by LifeGem, shows one of their creations: a diamond made from the ashes of cremated remains.
LifeGem uses super-hot ovens to transform ashes to graphite and then presses the stone into blue and yellow diamonds that retail for anywhere from $2,700 to $20,000.

Hmmm... I could see a lot of wives asking hubby to gain some extra weight as he gets older. I mean, more weight = more ashes = bigger diamond.


Roughrider said...

I think my wife might hurt herself trying to lug around a huge diamond. Besides, for many of us, our wives have been carrying us for years. Why continue after we die. Great post. It made me laugh.

Henry Haney said...

I've been wondering why my wife's been feeding me so good lately....hmmm... now I suspect an ulterior motive is at work-LOL

Libby said...

I have a great idea! When I die, have a diamond ring made of me and give it to your new fiance'! Maybe by then it will be cheaper so you'll be saving money on the ring!

Sarah said...

***Shaking head in disbelief***

Libby that is just sick and wrong.

libby said...

Ok, so I have a warped sense of humor. Darrell said I make a little bitty ring anyway.