01 September, 2005

You Always Want What You Haven't Got

I was listening to a CD this morning and part of a particular song got my attention and made me think. The title of the song is "You Always Want What You Haven't Got."
It begins like this:

It's like I got up one morning,
Looked at the way that we live
Thought things could be so much better
There must be better than this.
And if I relocated, to where the grass is greener
Maybe I'd be happy again
But I'm a little bit disappointed 'cause now I've got my freedom
But I'm still looking over the fence.
It's always the same, at the end of the day
You always want what you haven't got.

Man, how true, how true.
How many breakups and divorces, how many church splits, how many problems we encounter in life are brought on because we are always looking over the fence and wanting what is over there instead of finding contentment in where we are and what we are blessed with?
I think this can go back to the message I preached last week, where I talked about a God shaped hole in all of us that only He can fill. So many feel empty or unfulfilled because they are trying to fill that void with all the wrong things.


Anonymous said...

I followed your link from Acts to here and wanted to tell you I like the way you think. People is always thinking that there is something better but they need to appreciate what the good Lord done gave him. Preach on. And who sings that song you talked about?

Umm Bye said...

I followed your link from Acts, also. Great post.