20 September, 2005

The Devil is a Liar!

There is a man in my church named Jack whose favorite saying is, "the devil is a liar!"
There are some people who probably wonder why Jack says this so often. Well, simply put, Jack says it, because he believes it!
The devil is a liar.
The Word of God tells us that he is the father of all lies and that the truth is not in him.

Over the past few days, I have had to remind myself, and to remind Satan himself, that he is a liar. Most of you who read this blog know that I was admitted to the hospital on Saturday with chest pains. I was released on Sunday, but the doctor told me not to do anything that would exert myself physically until we can do a stress test on Friday. I am not one who enjoys just sitting around anyway, so it is very frustrating, to say the least, just sitting here killing time while I know that there is so much I need to be doing.
And of course, the devil has used this opportunity to hammer me. My mind has constantly been bombarded with thoughts of a heart attack, that this is the end, what if this and that.
Then the devil made a big mistake. He started attacking my "dream". He started telling me that it was over at this church, that all the things I had dreamt of would not happen, that it was all in my head and that God had forsaken me.
Wrong move devil!

Earlier today, he actually had me on the ropes a bit, and I was beginning to question some things, but when he told me that my God had forsaken me... I said out loud, "Devil... you're a liar!" I began to tell him who my God is and how faithful my God is, and that I would not allow him to steal my dream, because I knew that it was not just my dream but it was a dream that the Lord had birthed within me, and there ain't no demon in hell that can stop that dream from coming to pass. I know that since God gave the dream, the only one who can stop that dream from coming to pass is me. I know that if I allow the devil to get into my head with doubt and discouragement, then I will abandon the dream. Even though I am in the midst of circumstances that seem somewhat frightening and even daunting, I must remind myself that it was God who gave the dream and God does not lie. I know God placed me where I am for this particular time in my life... and he did not bring me here to fail! I am learning to look through the haze of current circumstances and to keep my eyes focused on the finish line that is on down the road.
In my spirit I keep telling myself, "God gave you that vision... don't you quit now!"

There may be others of you out there going through your own attack and feeling like your situation is helpless today. Take a few minutes and go back in your mind when God first breathed that dream into your spirit. Whose dream is it? If God gave it to you, then refuse to accept defeat no matter what the circumstance looks like. God never said it would be easy. No where in the Word can you find where he says it will be easy. But I can show you in the Word where he says, "all things are possible to him that believeth..." Keep believing the dream. Don't be discouraged because you don't see it happening just yet. Hold on to that dream with all you have and tell the devil, "Devil you are a liar! This is MY dream, and this is what God says my dream is supposed to be, and you cannot have it! Get out of my dream right now, devil!"
Then plant yourself in that, and remind yourself, " I can do all things through Christ. I will build what God has given me to build on this spot and neither the enemy nor anyone else will take it away from me. This is my dream, in Jesus Name!"

Hold on to your dream!

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