02 April, 2018

Where Does It All End - part 2

Last month I asked the question, "Where does it all end" in relation to teenagers eating Tide pods. Then we learned that teenagers are the new "experts" on gun control. Now we see their brilliance on display with a new challenge. If you have been under a rock... be thankful and wish you still were... because now the teens are snorting condoms up their nose and bringing them out of their mouths. I guess they are the experts on this now. When the Tide challenge thing hit National news, the brain trusts in Congress started proposing forcing Tide to change their product so that it did not look so appetising and pretty, like candy. I'm betting all that within days these same liberal idiots will say that condoms can no longer look like pretty, colorful balloons"  because the young inpressionable children cannot be trusted to discern that they are dangerous. Yet... they can tell us about gun control.  
Liberals. What can you say?

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