16 August, 2017

America Is Being Sucked In

The events of this past weekend have America so deeply divided and to be honest, I believe most people are confused as to what the issues really are. It seems the arguments are being pushed into political ideology and some have made it that if you are against the Black Lives Matter and Anitfa groups, then you must be a white supremacist.  I contend that people are missing the real issues here. What this really boils down to is two opposing sides, (both sides being equally evil and stupid, in my opinion) and the question is really about our rights as American citizens and even deeper, how those rights are being stripped away by political forces that seek to control us and limit us. Let's take a quick look at what took place.

A group of white supremacists organized a protest which was done legally, obtaining a permit to do so from the city. I do not agree with the racist views of this group, but I want to be clear, they have the right in America to free speech and to peacefully assemble and I support that right. The vice-mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellemy, illegally revoked the permit for this event, and (get this) the ACLU stepped in, took him to court and the permit was reinstated. After all of this, a counter-protest was organized utilizing two groups, Black-lives Matter and Antifa, who have shown again and again to bring chaos and violence to every protest they are a part of. These counter-protesters did not have a permit and came with the express purpose of starting trouble.

I challenge the reader, DO NOT focus on race here, rather, focus on what was done legally and what was done illegally. Focus on the fact that "someone" funded these counter protesters to bring them in from all over America to cause trouble. If you are honest with yourself, you will be forced to admit that someone with power and resources is behind something bigger than black vs white here. Keep in mind that this group of white supremacists was relatively small, especially for something that was planned for an extended time and people came from across the Nation, and yet the number was only (depending on which report you believe) between 200 and 300 people.  This small number shows how small the percentage of Americans align themselves with this sort of thinking. And keep in mind that some of those who assembled are not white supremacists, but were there simply because they disagree with the removal of historical statues and monuments.

Now allow me to ask a very important question. What if the counter protesters had not shown up? What if people basically ignored this protest and the media did not cover it and make it into a racially-charged event?  I contend this would have been an insignificant event and the world would not have even known they were there. But "someone" wanted to make sure it was more. The question is "who" are the people stirring this up? Who decided to bus in counter protesters, fueling the fire in such a way that they knew would cause an explosion and draw international attention. And how did this become a vehicle to attack the President, Donald Trump? People, we are being played. Today, 5 days later, all across America people are divided along racial and political lines because someone saw fit to set in motion events that would explode and cause division. I contend that this was their intention all along. I'm not saying they intended for someone to be killed, but in their eyes, that is only fuel for the fire.  There are calls now to label all white supremacist "domestic terrorists." There are calls to run anyone who thinks or speaks "differently" out of this country. From coast to coast, people are arguing and fighting over racial issues and political issues and the focus has been lost.... In America, we have freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble... and right before our eyes these powerful forces are introducing the notion of stripping those freedoms from us. We are seeing the idea of "thought police" being introduced and anyone who thinks differently can and will be eliminated from our society. One of the things that has made America so great is the freedoms we have... the right to be different and to think differently. Today the talk is doing away with those who are "racist". But what if tomorrow the talk is anyone who does not agree with gay marriage? Or flip that... what if the winds of change blew in and they said they wanted to eliminate anyone who did believe in gay marriage? What if tomorrow the Gospel of Christ is labeled offensive and they want to eliminate anyone who believes in or teaches the gospel. Some would say that is ridiculous... but once this can of worms is opened, anything can be labeled "offensive" and targeted for destruction.

Don't get so focused on the black/white issue that you miss what is really happening in America. Things are about to change and once they do, there is no turning back.

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