17 December, 2010

Warning From God?

Let me predicate this entire thing with this disclaimer: I'm having a lot of knee trouble and took some Vicodin to cope with the pain this morning and ended up taking a nap. I really don't think the medicine has anything to do with this, but if you think I'm off my rocker... I'll cut you some slack.

While napping, I had a very vivid dream, and while I'd like to attribute this dream to the medication, I really believe this was a God thing. In this dream I saw President Obama on television announcing that he was declaring that Marshall Law was being imposed across the United States.  It was then as if I was seeing things that had already happened that led to Marshall Law being imposed. I saw the world as a whole turn it's back on the United States and they stopped taking the US dollar in trade. The whole thing began with the middle eastern countries refusing to accept the dollar for payment for oil, and gas prices spiked to more than $6 a gallon and food prices soared out of control. Inflation sky rocketed and unemployment topped 30%. Then the government imposed a limitation on how much money anyone could remove from the banks and then imposed limitations on utilities which  forced blackouts across the US at alternating times. Internet was cut off and almost all television was forced off the air under the guise of saving energy costs.  Rioting and looting exploded across the nation and people were laying dead in the streets and the government was rationing food. People were fleeing the cities by the thousands because of the violence and the lack of food.  People on farms were shooting people who were coming onto their land to steal food, and I saw thousands and thousands who were living in shanty towns. Life as we know it came to a screeching halt. 

There was something about 6 months, but I'm not clear on this. I don't know if it was saying this was coming in 6 months or, what I think it was, was that people need to be prepared for 6 months of absolute chaos here in America. Think, what would you do if your savings, pension, everything was gone and you had to survive?   

I hope to God it was the drugs, but I cannot shake this dream. I've been thinking about how, if the US dollar was devalued, it would not only devastate the United States, but millions around the world would instantly be bankrupt. I keep telling myself that this could not happen, not in America... but I'll bet there were people in Greece thinking the same thing a few years ago. Can it happen? I hope not. I hope this was just a bad dream. But if not, I'm going to be getting myself prepared.

So, am I nuts? Was it the drugs? Or was this a God thing? I'm going to be praying about it, but I cannot tell you how much this dream has shaken me.

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Anonymous said...

Did not a prophet in the Bible call for a minstrel to usher in the presence of the Lord? We pay millions in our churches to have just the right lighting, setting, sound, visuals, to bring greater impact to ministry.

Very simply, why should drugs be left off the list? I have been placed in a receptive state of mind by anointed songs, beautiful scenes, and...painkillers.

I happen to think that some distractions and barriers are spiritual, but some may be physical. If a drug causes you mind to drop its defenses (so to speak) to the things of God, perhaps softening your heart, etc., then while I'm not condoning it as practice, I would accept that it can happen (Rastafarians certainly believe such things!).

That being said, I would examine your dream carefully, for it has enormous weight if it's true. That is, have you read or seen anything recently that spoke of, say, the dollar no longer being the world's reserve currency (I read something about this just the other day)? Or perhaps have dabbled on conspiracy theory websites?

That is not meant to be contrary, but to simply point out that dreams come, the Bible says, from a "multitude of business." There are times when we dream based on what we have recently taken in. And a dream like yours is of such weight that you very much need to make sure that it's not just the jumbling together of dark thoughts and worries, etc.

I hope it's wrong (as I know you do, too), but whatever comes, God shall again have His way in the whirlwind.

God bless.